– an investigation of the human condition

About this Blog

Methre (“meth-Re”) is a Coptic word from the Bohairic dialect, meaning to “witness” or “testify”.

It is my aim to create and maintain a blog that is both interesting and engaging, insightful and informative.

My interest lies in analysing the various facets and frailties of the human condition. As an anatomist and behavioural neuroscientist, I am constantly investing my energy into observing the curious elements of human development and social interaction. I am fascinated by human emotion and the motivational drives that govern our actions and behaviour. The fact that everyone is so different, and that the experiences that shape us are so vast, excites me!

When not in the lab, or pondering over these unanswerable questions, I explore human emotion through photography – and for a few years now I have been there to capture many special moments with my photography business – Jonathan David Photography.

This personal blog is a continuation of my winning blog that was part of the BigBlogger competition in 2006.

Enjoy, and don’t forget to bookmark & subscribe to this page!