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The New Apple iPad Launch at Sydney Apple Store – 16 March 2012

The New Apple iPad (iPad 3, 2012) is due to be launched at the Sydney Apple Store in just under 5 hours… I’ve been in the queue since 4:30pm yesterday – comfortably in eighth place.

It was one thing to find out after getting here that Telstra decided to cut Apple’s grass and start selling the new iPad at midnight, but a totally new and totally shocking thing to realize that almost everyone else in the queue with me are here as part of a massive iPad buying and reselling syndicate to export Australia’s/Sydney’s stock of iPads to China.

With the help of my friend fluent in Mandarin and Cantonese translating to me secretly, we have been surrounded by people talking of their plans. Note that most groups of people here are sitting with suitcases at the ready to fill them with iPad stock. When Telstra opened their doors at midnight, many of them flocked to the store buying the iPad limit per person, returning with the new iPads to fill their suitcases and returned in different clothing in an attempt to purchase more. Yes, then finally returning to the queue at the Apple store under the false premise that they were yet to purchase one.

I have now watched about four different ringleaders, including older men and boys that look no older than 18, persuade others in the queue to purchase additional iPads for them using their credit cards over at the Telstra shop, then resume waiting in the queue across the road at Apple.

Only a moment ago one proud and commanding youth got up to announce that he had 600 orders for the new iPad from China. That was before he then delegated a group of them to split up into taxis to travel to Apple Stores, Dick Smiths, JB Hi-fi and Telstra shops across Sydney so that they could maximize their presence and ensure that they met demand.

Estimates for resell price has been discussed to be between $150-460 more than retail price, per unit. One extremely happy camper boasted he would make at least $30000 from this investment.

Now, I have no idea if this stuff is allowed, permitted or legal… But the only observation I really wanted to make is that perhaps the Apple product “shortages” we’ve become so familiar with aren’t only a result of insufficient production… Judging by tonight’s experience, stock is definitely plentiful – it’s just being channelled to a very different destination.

I’ve still got a little bit more to wait – I only want one iPad. Here’s hoping that doesn’t prove too difficult.


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