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Another year gone…

… and am I any more wiser?

Reflection is the key to growing. To developing. To maturing. To learning. To attaining knowledge and wisdom. It would probably be in our best interest to sit and reflect at the end of each day’s work. But, let’s face it, when you live a busy life sometimes that’s just not an option. So instead we’ve got birthdays. A pivotal day in the calendar year that is synonymous with getting older (although, I really do believe that age means nothing!) and growing more mature. Surely enough then, a birthday should at least be your once in a year opportunity to really sit down with yourself and assess your actions, achievements, mistakes and progress over the last 365 days (366 if its a leap year) and set yourself some goals for the next year ahead.

I try to follow this philosophy. How else will I learn, right?

Well this last year I’ve achieved a lot – things that I am proud of and will forever cherish and hold as crucial moments in my growth as a person. These things I know will shape me quite positively in my professional, social, spiritual and psychological development. However, in the same way, this past year is marred by some things that I am incredibly regretful and ashamed of. Things that only bring pain, hurt and disgust when I bring them to the forecourts of my mind’s inner thoughts. How could I have been so gullible? How could I have been so stupid? How could I have been so selfish? These are only a sample of the questions that bombard me. So reflection becomes a war of two worlds. A painful and confronting experience that sometimes I wish I never embarked on.

The conclusion is this, do not be blinded by your achievements and do not be blind to the underlying significance of your actions and of other’s (whether good or bad!). Do not be obsessed with success without seeing your faults and do not be obsessed with trivial or frivolous matters. And finally, do not be empty of goodness, love and peace – be filled with joy, meaning and purpose. And maybe then, in fact only then, will you reflect and see that you are indeed growing wiser.


2 responses

  1. Sam

    This was really inspirational to me. I guess I’m not one of those busy people who doesnt have time to reflect too much, i probabaly have too much time to reflect on things. All i do is think about my past actions, trying to figure out why I did what I did or why what happend happend. I know it doesnt make a difference now, but im one of those people who just think & think untill i have it all firgured out. For most things I eventually let go unsolved, but one thing has been bothering me to the amount i feel like im crazy. i dont know how to let it go, any tips?

    July 1, 2011 at 11:51 am

  2. jono

    Talk to someone about it. Someone you know. Someone you don’t know. Someone who might already know what’s going on. Shoot me an email if you like, and have a stranger to the situation give you their opinion. Sometimes the solution is right there in front of us, but our own ignorance and stupidity prevents us from seeing it.

    September 15, 2011 at 4:56 pm

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