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Public Displays of Affection

So I happen to be sitting in my car, having just pulled over on a busy street in Glebe to eat an apple (don’t ask – let’s just say I’m very very hungry) and reply to a few emails while I’m at it… and a couple in their late 20s walks alongside my car on the footpath. They are not the only people walking along this footpath and they are definitely not hidden from public view. So imagine my initial surprise when the guy decides to start feeling up his partners voluminous ass (it must be said) with such vigor and passion that you would think they were about to strip down and do the dirty right there and then on the concrete pavement. Squishing and rubbing and caressing. Then he proceeded to kiss his fingers in a “I love the taste of your ass” kinda way and returned to fondling her butt.

What the?! Are gone the days of public decency? Modesty? Respect? Keep that kind of behavior for the bedroom. I’m not being a prude here, I have nothing against a public display of affection (PDA) – but people, there is a line. A line which should not be crossed.

Usually those who are new to the dating and relationship game are quick to fall in this trap. Inexperienced and unaware of the discomfort it can bring to others. I think it would also have something to do with the fact that a new relationship can instill a sense of (over-) confidence in an otherwise insecure and shy being, who is now eager to exploit, confirm and advertise their new found success in love. It’s also always interesting to see if the PDA is a mutual affair or directed and choreographed by only one half (the most insecure half of the two, because let’s face it, everyone is insecure).

What do you think?


One response

  1. Sam

    Hmmm I never thought of people new to love being over confident & proceeding with disturbing PDA. I always imagined people still being a little nervous with eachother at first & afraid how the other would react to such direct PDA. But I don’t know it might just be some people… I’d figure the only reason someone would do that is if they have been together for awhile and in a very romantic period of their relationship.

    July 1, 2011 at 11:59 am

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