– an investigation of the human condition

As I sit & watch…

As I sit here on my lonesome, having just devoured a Burger Fuel meal in the heart of Newtown, I watch and admire the spontaneity, uniqueness and oddness of those that walk by.

There’s the one that’s just taken a credit card out of his wallet to use as a toothpick. There’s the couple that just darted out in front of passing cars to quickly cross the street, much to the dismay of those motorists. There’s the people wrapped so tightly in warm clothing, you wonder how on earth they are moving any of their limbs. There’s also the couple that you sense have just had an argument and the tension in their body language could probably be spotted from the moon – arms folded, he looks angry (and exhausted), she looks as though she’s just wiped away the mascara that’s run down her cheeks. There are the girls you can tell put in a lot of effort to look the way they do tonight – and the girls who didn’t give that a second thought (who cares what others think anyway, right?)….

What drives it? These choices we make. These expressions of our psyche. These demonstrations of our personalities. What’s shaped it? What governs it?

All I can do is sit and watch… (and get kicked out of Burger Fuel because I’ve been sitting here too long and they want to clean up and close…)


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