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The Pursuit of Happiness.

Happiness is one of those things that we strive to achieve in every aspect of our lives, to make an otherwise boring, mundane and painful life, more bearable.

We seek it in many different forms. Wealth, Occupation, Position/Status, Relationships, Knowledge, Possessions, Success… and the list continues.

Not unexpectedly, we then fall into the trap where we equate the quality of our lives to the extent to which we have achieved these various elements. Our life, and our desire to live it, becomes proportional to the amount of material “happiness” we have accumulated and posses.

This is dangerous.

If we were to lose our wealth, our life would then instantly become not worth living.
If we were to lose our job, our life turns into the nightmare we were trying to avoid.
If we were to lose a relationship (or in some cases, if we can’t find one), we live in a wallow of loneliness and emptiness.
If we were to lose all our possessions, our life returns to its painful state.

And thus, we deem ourselves unhappy. We perhaps even enter into a mild depression. You lose all motivation to even uphold the qualities that defined you while you were “happy”. They are no longer worth the effort. You’ve lost your true self, your personality; your integrity is compromised. The appeal of life, suddenly vanishes.

Happiness can be dangerous. This method by which we define the quality of our life on material aspects of this world is worst trap we could fall into.
Why would you invest your time and strength into a temporary fix? A short-term happiness?

I am not saying that these things in themselves are bad. I am saying that the weighting of importance we give these temporary pleasures can be catastrophic.

There must be…… There is….. another solution.


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  2. Crystal Smith

    Good Morning,

    Randomly looking for inspiring blog entries from other people’s interesting or not so interesting lives I have stumbled upon yours. Not only has it touched on what has been running through my head over the past few weeks but it was enjoyable to read. It seems like not only do I continue to have a list of things that would make everyday a happy one but I am constantly finding that I am unhappy in most of the area’s of life.

    I’m looking for a solution that doesn’t live on a list.

    Better yet I’m either looking for myself or who I want to be.
    Time passes each moment we blink and in that time so many other things are occuring, you heart beats, your lungs take in air and for someone that moment in time is their last.

    How does one find a way to ‘seize the day’?

    How does one find happiness from staying in the same place?

    How does one find themselves?

    I also read the blog that took you a year to write. I have never been a strong writer or even strong academically but I intend to change that over time. But when I think the main thing that crosses my mind is money. Not an abundance of money but just enough to survive. Enough to sleep under a shelter, eat healthy,go to school and ideally be happy but enbracing all the things that require money. you can’t even attend a church without having to pay. Why? because nothing absolutely nothing in life is free not even the air you breath. The land that was once full resouces that would enable you to build a house, eat and provide for you family is not allowed.

    Here is my random thoughts if they even make sense Mr. Scientist. I hope you keep writing.

    Have a happy happy day!

    Crystal Smith 16 at hotmail.com

    May 11, 2011 at 2:48 am

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