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Canberra. Day Three.

Sorry for the delayed Day Three post…. !

The day started as any day would, we got up, got ready, had breakfast etc… and we decided to go to the National Zoo! We had heard great things about this zoo. Like the fact that you could actually see the animals because the enclosures were neither too big, too small nor too cluttered with trees and plants so that all you can see is an animal’s tail *cough* Taronga */cough*. Also, it’s apparently the only place in Australia (perhaps the world) with a Tigon/Liger (Tiger and Lion crossbreed)…. So we travelled down to the zoo and got there at about 11:30am…

I’m not going to detail every animal we saw… that would take forever and wouldn’t be insanely interesting. Except for the fact we caught two small monkeys in what looked like the act of fellatio, and we got nice and close to a Snow Leopard practically pressed up and laying against the boardwalk we were on. Unfortunately, the weather was a bit hot, so most of the animals looked a bit dead (as in, were sitting/sleeping peacefully in the shade of their enclosure). The other bummer is that the two Tigon’s of the National Zoo have died 😦 Considering they can’t breed due to their infertility, and a myriad of other genetic issues it’s not a terrible surprise, but is sad nonetheless. Oh, another cool thing was that there was a small aquarium adjoined to the zoo so we got the goodness of both for one easy installment of $21.50. It should be noted here that going to the zoo with three Biologists/Zoologists makes you feel insanely dumb, so to alleviate that I needed to stand my ground early in the day and ensure they didn’t start throwing out animal classifications instead of their normal names 😛 … Why the hell has a Starfish got the classification of ‘Asteroid’?!

We then left the zoo for Canberra Centre Shopping Mall again where we got lunch…. and in the process experienced the worst KFC management ever (since when does a register operator at the front counter decide to randomly abandon the massive queue behind her register at the peak of lunch time, without finding a replacement?!). Following this we had to say goodbye to Ashley who needed to get back to Sydney for work commitments over the weekend… so we took her to the coach-stop and saw her off… Hope you had a good time Ash!

We returned home and bummed for a while longer, played a little bit more Wii, until about 6pm when Danny (Shawna’s boyfriend) arrived from Sydney! We mucked around on the Wii a bit more, played Wii Fit and did a whole range of crazy exercises and fitness games until about 8pm when we decided to decide on what to do for dinner… It took us a good 45 minutes to decide on Subway for dinner and then to watch The Prestige on DVD. And that was pretty much the end of our day. Sorry about the lack of photos from after the zoo, we didn’t take any when we got back 😦


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