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Canberra. Day Four.

Today started off catastrophically. We came to the shock realisation that there is actually nothing (unique) to do in Canberra… The four of us bounced around ideas, went and picked up Danny’s sister-in-law’s car from the Tyre shop, then returned and bounced some more ideas around until we finally agreed to go for a little bit of a scenic tour around the mountainous ranges of the ACT. It was actually one of the most relaxing and peaceful drives I have ever experienced. The clean mountain air was amazing!

Danny drove us in his excellently preserved 1964 Holden Special Station Wagon through the towns of Duffy, Cotter, up through to Corin and back through Gordon and back home to Bruce. It was sad, yet good at the same time, to appreciate the extent of the Canberra bush fires that struck in 2003 leaving a number of people dead, livestock lost and property ruined. A number of beautiful scenic shots were taken along the way. We got up to a recreation park in Corin where the longest Bobsled track in the Southern Hemisphere is located, only to find it closed due to rain the previous day 😦 But the funny thing is, it was there that we got up and close to a family of wild kangaroos which is probably more rare than bobsledding.

We’re now back home and the guys are outside cleaning the BBQ… a few of Shawna and Danny’s friends have been invited over for a nice little get together. Not sure what the plan is afterward, but there is talk of Go-Karting or perhaps real Bowling (not the Wii kind!).

Today, Canberra really proved itself to be a city of bush.


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  1. Natalia

    You know what is unique to do in Canberra? You can go watch question time in Parliment house. Oh How I’d love to see Turnbull in action. GO WATCH QUESTION TIME!

    October 4, 2008 at 11:42 pm

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