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Canberra. Day Two.

Well, it should be noted that one more good thing about Canberra is the fact that everything is so close and nearby to everything else. Driving from the North to the South takes about 30 minutes. Thus there is no train network, but there is an elaborate bus network in operation. And if you hate public transport – just catch a cab! The most it will cost ya is about $40… Shawna tells me a cab home from the city centre costs about $18 (that’s including the late night, higher tariff). That is ridiculously cheap compared to the $60+ I’d have to pay in Sydney.

Oh, and what about the roudabouts??! Well, on the drive down yesterday, we only came across one. But it was so freaaking huge that we didn’t even notice we were on it.

Anyway, back to today’s shenanigans. We started off with a few hours of Wii Sports, then eventually got around to visiting Questacon. Thankfully, Shawna’s sister Sarah, works there – so we all got free entry!! We revisited a lot of the same exhibits that we’d visited back in Year 6 and Year 10 trips down to Canberra…. not much had changed – but we had fun nonetheless.

Funnily enough, we also came across one exhibit/activity thing that was going through a rough time…. Check the photo (click to enlarge) –>

Unfortunately, Ash has been diagnosed with Chlamydia… and Sam’s contracted HIV 😦 No idea how but. Shawna got off lightly, she’s only been diagnosed with the Kissing Disease… (not really true, just funny photos below)…

I’ve got a confession to make…. we got a little closer to Parliament house 😦 I couldn’t help it, I swear! Questacon was near it… But the cool thing was, that we got closer to Lake Burley Griffin so I got to take photos of the Egyptian flag! 😛

We’re now sitting together, taking random photos and waiting till it gets a bit later to have dinner and decide where we’re going to go tonight.



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  1. lithoniel

    Hey Jono!!!! Where is Day three?? Here I am, waiting anxiously to see what you guys did after i left, and to get a sneak peek at some of the photos from yesterday (I haven’t seen them, remember! :P) and you haven’t even put one up! DISAPPOINTING lol! no, its ok, I hope you guys are still having fun, I’m going to work in about 45 mins, so I better go and get ready for a long day! *practices plastic smile*
    OH, and I’m bringing my external harddrive to uni on Tuesday if you’ll have your laptop, because thats probably the easiest way to get the Canberra photos off you (if you don’t mind, I’d like to print some of them out, I don’t actually have photos of you guys!) Is that ok? Just let me know 🙂
    Ash xx 🙂

    October 4, 2008 at 6:48 am

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