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Coursework, Church and Canberra…… Canberra??!?!

Sorry for the minimal posts over the last few days, I’ve been really busy with a myriad of things…

Towards the end of second semester now, and although it is mid-semester break this coming week, I’ve got plenty of assignments to get through. An essay, two reports and a workshop presentation. And after the break I’ll be given two more reports and a quiz so I’m trying to best to get as much done as I can now so that after the break I don’t crash and burn from the overload (like I’ve done every other semester).

So far, however, it hasn’t been going as productively as I would have liked. The last few days in particular, I have been busy with the establishment of a new Coptic Orthodox church parish in Sydney. It’s literally 4 and a half minutes down the road from my place. We’ve had our first two services already and this morning we had an exceptionally good turn out for a parish that hasn’t even yet officially advertised its existence, let alone its service schedule!

To add to my failure towards completing uni work, I’m off to Canberra for the latter half of this week. Why Canberra?! Because a good friend lives down there and has been ever so kind to invite a couple of us down to chill and relax before uni starts up again. Actually, we weren’t just invited, but coerced into going down…. especially due to the fact that we’ve incessantly bagged Canberra out for being such a boring place! (I mean, the whole city is on one massive roundabout and the most lively place is probably the War Memorial!) So, our Canberra friend has taken up the challenge to prove to us that Canberra really isn’t as much of a hole as we think (put a marble on any road in Sydney, and it will end up in Canberra….. or Blacktown). I promise to take photos and let you know how it goes. Wish us luck!


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  1. Andrew

    make sure you go to the zoo…. its small but one of the best I’ve been to.. They have a 25yr old Tigon! Its the zoo me and V went and patted the cheetahs..

    September 27, 2008 at 11:58 pm

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