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Watch out for thieving postmen…

The postmen and women we trust to deliver us our mail do a pretty good job and should be thanked for their fine efforts… except of course, when we are given reason to doubt their trustworthiness and honesty. Generally this is not a  common occurence, yet I wish to share something that has unfolded over the last two days… You may recall I bought three SD cards from ebay late last week. Well, to my delight the three of them got delivered yesterday (they were all from different sellers). One arrived by private courier and the other two were by Australian Registered Post.

Early in the morning, the door bell rang and my sister went to the front door and asked who was there before opening up (which is always the safe thing to do). However, after two attempts of yelling “Who is it?” returned no reply, she decided to go to the intercom and use that to speak to the man, whose shadow she could see from between the blinds around the front door. When she asked who it was through the intercom, a mumbled “Postman!” was the the response. So, realising that it was probably something for me (as I had given her some forewarning), she sought to find her keys to the front door. Upon opening the front door she saw the man making hurried and long strides back to his motorbike and he left without looking back, nor delivering the items. She thought nothing of it and that was that, perhaps it was a wrong address or something. Anyway, later that afternoon a private courier came and delivered one of the cards,  which my sister signed for with no troubles at all.

Shortly after, Dad arrived home to find that a postman had left a note in the letterbox alerting us to having two registered post items being held for me at the local post office, so, he went down and picked them up. Fast forward to 6:50pm and I finally get home from uni to find three nice little envelopes with rich and succulent SD Memory Card goodness inside each one… or so I thought.

I opened the first (couriered) one, no problems there! I opened the second (now the Registered Post ones), no problems there either! I came to open the third (which was actually the one card I was looking forward to the most, only because I got it at a ridiculously good price – $18 instead of $60 in the shops) and came to the shock realisation that something wasn’t right… The envelope was empty. Well, no, that’s a lie… Inside was a SD Card holder that had been cracked open, and a bit of plastic (which I assume had the card and case inside it) that had been torn open, but no SD card. What the hell!? How does that work? Upon closer inspection of the envelope, I noticed a small tear just the size of an SD card… instantly my assumption was that in transit somewhere, it had been stolen. There was no other way. Someone could have easily cracked the case by forcibly pressing against it, releasing the SD card and then pushing it against the side of the envelope to get it out… I was gutted. It couldn’t have been a scam by the seller themselves, could it? I emailed him to let him know what had happened. Here are some photos:

The cracked casing and torn plastic wrapping.

The tear. (Return address has been blurred)

So, you’re probably wondering what on earth is the link here with the postman?

Well, this morning, our gardener came to do some gardening. Before he arrived but, dad was out in the front yard just assessing the work that needed to be done, when he spotted something odd on the grass of the front lawn. Assuming it was rubbish he bent over to pick it up and noticed that it was, in fact, an SD card. Not knowing if it was the one that went missing, he brought it inside. You can imagine what a surprise it was when I got home and confirmed that it was indeed the card I was expecting.

How on earth did it get on the front lawn? And more specifically, in an area of yard, right in front of the front door, that no one really accesses. Not even us. We never pass over this specific area of grass or front yard. Someone has got to have put it or thrown it there, so close to the front door. As I said, it couldn’t have slipped or fallen out of the envelope into that place, because no one passes over the grass there at all. Well no one from my family anyway.

My hypothesis is that the postman, intrigued by what was inside the envelope, devised a way (or perhaps already was experienced with the way) of taking it out without breaking the envelope’s seal. When he realised what it was, and that he had no use for it, he must have just tossed it away as he ran from the front door. Well, I guess he’s innocent until proven guilty. I just can’t think of any other way it could have happened but.

At least I’ve got my SD Card back 🙂 Oh, one more thing, the hole on the evelope fits the SD card PERFECTLY, so for the card to be released from its casing and land at exactly the right angle to slip out of the envelope while being transported is highly unlikely.


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