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The Rob Stick.

A True Story.

Half way through Year 12, nine of us decided to book ourselves a little schoolies getaway to relax and wind down after the stressful HSC. We decided to travel north to Port Stephens and found the perfect house that would accomodate all of us at a ridiculously good price (we found out after this trip that the owners jacked up the price considerably for future years!). So we were set, the nine of us had paid our deposits, diarised the dates and were counting down the minutes to our escape.

One week before we were scheduled to leave, the worst happened. Rob was going to be unable to join us for reasons beyond his control. We were shattered. But there just had to be a way around it! The days before we left for schoolies the rest of us tried to find a way to get Rob there… perhaps we kidnap him or maybe we could just get him to run away from home? Things looked bleak. There was only one option –

The night before we left for our trip, I found one of the best photos of Rob that I could, and painstakingly photoshopped his face out…. I printed it and packed it in my bag with some cardboard backing. Collaborating with the rest of the group, Kate brought along an old broomstick. What was the end result? Yeah, I think you can guess:

The Boys minus Tas (who hadn't arrived yet)

The Rob Stick

The Rob stick is unique for a number of reasons. The most intriguing reason, is that like the Mona Lisa, Rob stares at you from whatever angle you look at him – this however has led to a few rude awakenings, when the girls would take the Rob stick into their room at night, forget he was there and then be startled the next morning when they caught him perving on them as they woke from their slumber. The other amazing thing, is that the eight of us upon returning from our holiday, were truly convinced that Rob was with us (that in no way is indicative of his personality!). Till today, when reliving past schoolies moments, we speak to Rob as if he were there. Poor guy. But even as Bec and I lay on One Mile Beach one day with Rob propped up in the sand, it took me a good 2 minutes to acknowledge Rob was only a photo on a stick when a lifeguard came up to us and asked, “What’s up with the face?” – I thought he was making a crack at me! He must’ve thought we were weird.

There are so many good stories from that trip. Like when we convinced Tas, who arrived two days late, that the agent warned us that the third step on the staircase was broken, and so we watched him make the effort to jump over it for the rest of the week. Or when a group of tourist Asians decided to stop in front of our car in the middle of the night and use our headlights as a giant camera flash so that they could take photos.

The Rob Stick to this day resides in Sydney’s west. He’s got some sand stuck on his sticky tape, and water splashes have left him looking to have a plague-like disease, but alas he’s still going strong. If any of my friends still has photos from our trip – please send them over so I can put them up! I’ve only got this one 😦


2 responses

  1. mona

    all i’ve got to say is: OMG LOOK AT SAM’S HAIR!!!!!!!!

    August 29, 2008 at 10:47 pm

  2. Zena

    I agree mona… Sam looks like he’s out of an eighties heavy metal group!

    September 7, 2008 at 8:53 pm

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