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The New Facebook

There have been plenty of mixed reactions with the new Facebook BETA Interface that has been launched recently. As more and more users are trying out the “new Facebook”, status messages on the site are increasingly expressing anger, confusion and disappointment over the social networking website’s new design.

But is it really all that bad? I mean, everything always appears hard at first, but you get the hang of it eventually! Key advantages to the new template is that everything is now categorised into subsections making accessing specific things a lot easier (e.g. a tab for the personal details, a tab for all the applications etc) but with this comes the increased clicking that everyone is doing just to navigate to things that you could once just scroll down for. Another thing that I have noticed is that there is no more latest status update pane displaying the last three friend status updates and instead you need to click on a “Status Updates” tab to view all of them at once. But then again, now you can specifically narrow down to what type of updates you wish to see (whether you want to see the latest Photo Uploads, Status Updates or Posted Items).

One of the fundamental differences to the main Home page is the increased open plan layout, meaning that there are less boxed in, tabulated menus and modules. Menu panes are more curvaceous (in a totally non sexual way), and when you get into the profile pages, well I must admit, they seem a lot more spaced out with no more clutter. And more importantly, as everyone’s installed applications have been shifted to a totally new “sub-profile” page, loading times for the profiles will be a lot quicker. That being said, I have found it quite odd that you can’t freely modify and chose which application boxes can be viewed on your front profile page which is now just your Wall. Some applications can be moved to the Wall page, others cannot.

The Wall page seems a bit confusing at first, but pretty much the Mini Feed that we were all used to on the old Facebook has vanished. Instead your wall is a documentation of everything that you have done and everything you have received, and by using the links above the wall you can narrow down to what things you want to see in particular (e.g. just the things received from friends or just the things you have posted/done). Another new thing is that right under your Profile picture you have the ability to put in a short description of yourself, kind of like an introduction to your page. Another con to all of this is that some applications don’t even look proper on the front page anymore. Take “Top Friends” for example, the user selected theme of the application no longer displays correctly. And the “Profile” link that used to be at the top has been replaced with your name, making it more self intuitive.

In other Facebook news, this blog now has its own Page that you can be a fan of! 🙂 Click here to check it out!

So in conclusion, I think I’ll be kind and give the new Facebook three our of five stars. Does anyone else have anything they would like to say about the new Facebook? Comment it.


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