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World Youth Day ’08 & More Exams…

Yet again, another afternoon of exam supervising – this time a whole 5 students, of 8 that were required to sit the test! Only a two hour second year Accounting paper today, so not too much boredom this time 🙂 We’re cool examiners – we put smiley faces on the board! –>



Hot Examiners ;)

We're so sexy 😉

Apart from supervising poor kiddos who still have to sit exams, this morning was quite an interesting experience- getting off the train at Central Station and being surrounded by Catholic pilgrims. Massive, massive groups with national flags draped around their backs and with their national sports jearseys worn proudly. Volunteers everywhere with the language they speak (I assume) written in large writing on tags tied around their necks.

An email from a University director just got sent out, informing staff and students at the University of Sydney that the pilgrims are going to be walking through the uni campus today at about 2:30pm – 5:00pm. I’ll go check it out when this exam is over. Pug (who’s in that photo with me above) tells me he saw a group of Italians last night who had come for the WYD festivities. So my guess is, he wants to go and pick out for himself a wife. He admits there were a few hotties. Pssh…. men 😛


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  1. lithoniel

    Hey! It’s Puggles!!!!!!! and what more did u expect from him Jono??? If the guy can take seven rejections in the one night and STILL be searching for hook ups, the fact that theyre catholic nuns isn’t going to stop him either! 😛 But yes, I know how you guys feel! Coming home from work on Sunday, there was a group of nuns and pilgrims singing on Parra platform. SINGING ON PARRA PLATFORM!!!!!!!!!! anyways, thats my rant. see you soon!

    July 18, 2008 at 5:37 pm

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