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Was announced at 2pm and after 27minutes of waiting for the damn pages to load, they just came up! I’ll update this post as more of the page loads –

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On top of these prices you need to pay for credit each month which ranges from $30-$100, the lowest does not include any downloads.


But those post-paid plan prices do not include the actual monthly re-payments for the phone. On 24 months it works out that everything above and including the $79/month plan has the iPhone for $0.

EDIT: Okay, so what is above is the iPhone “Cap” Plans… where you get a Cap on call/testing credits… There is also available just a iPhone Plan scheme where do don’t get the caps and you pay lower rates for calls etc… Now reading through the fine print and one thing that has struck me for the normal Plan fine print is the following – “You are not able to view your monthly usage prior to receiving your bill.”

What the?!  You can’t check to see how much downloads for example you’ve used? So that you have no indication of how much you’ve used? lol… damn! With the Cap download limit – going over it means you have to fork over 35c per MB downloaded!

EDIT 2: Now that I’ve had the time to look at the different rates and plans, you can sort of pick out the better options. Firstly, I want to make it clear that anyone wanting to go on a 24 month contract and is willing to spend $89/month or more, go for the 16GB model as its exactly the same price for an 8GB and 16GB on that rate (sort of makes no sense really).

Time for a quick comparison with the AT&T plans available in the USA – they only have the option of a 24 month contact and pay $199 for the 8GB and $299 for the 16GB upfront. Plan wise it works quite differently than us. The cheapest monthly rate for an individual phone is US$69.99 (AU$72.75) and it includes 450 minutes of peak talk time and 5000 minutes for off-peak times (Nights and Weekends), additional minutes are US$0.45 (AU$0.46) each. If they want to be able to SMS (Text) they also pay an extra US$5 a month for 200 messages (works out to be AU$0.03 per message which is ridiculuously cheaper than Optus’s A$0.25/SMS or have the option of US$15 for 1,500 messages or US$20 for Unlimited Messages per month. Do the math, potentially $0.01 and less per text message! As well as this, there is Unlimited Data Usage for each of their plans, and you can get higher end plans up to US$129.99 (AU$135) which is unlimited everything. They also have this FamilyShare bundle which I don’t really get (something to do with buying two phones/lines and linking them up I believe) – the rest of it can be accessed here.

Back to Oz, the cheapest you can get it all for on Optus is the 8GB for $840 on a $19/month – 12 month contract with 100MB downloads and $50 included calls/text at ridiculously high rates, or the 16GB for $960. But realistically speaking, for those who actually want to use their iPhone for all of its features and still not break the bank, go for at least a $49/month plan (250MB downloads), and on the 24 month plan you will probably get more bang for your buck because think about it – after a 12 month contract what are you going to do? Throw your iPhone in the bin? Then you’ll be looking at going Pre-paid and paying the ridiculously stupid prices that are listed above and not getting as many benefits/downloads etc… On the $49 plan for the 8GB, 12 months will cost you $1032 and 24 months, $1344. The extra $300 or “$25/month” for the extra year will entitle to you all the great features of downloads and the $300 Cap! The CHEAPEST Pre-paid of $30/month includes no downloads and only $170 of total value.

Last but not least, I’ve focused here mainly on total price-point (only become I’m a stingy student with a massive HECS debt already 😦 ) and so you have to take into consideration that a 24 month contract does have it’s drawbacks, as well as that, if you go over your cap in any given month on download limit, calling/texting, or use international roaming or any of the Optus iZoo and added Mobile Internet features then you’re up for an even bigger bill. I’ll leave all that for you to think about. Now we wait for the nitty gritty details from Telstra and Vodafone 🙂 Fun!

Pre Paid

Post Paid


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