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Finally Finished!

And it’s about time too!

Okay, because I’ve got this new found free time (not really – have a massive list of things that I now need to start working on), I will give a quick run down of each exam… I’ll try make this as painless a read as possible.

ANAT2008 (Theory) -Principles of Histology – Thursday 19th. I walked out of this one hour exam, fifteen minutes early and was fairly confident that I raped it pretty good. It was 120 multiple choice questions and within the first ten minutes reading time I had already answered half the paper in my head. Awesome!

PSYC2011 – Psychology: Brain & Behaviour – Monday 23rd. This exam I was probably the least prepared for with only the three days between this and the last one spent on trying to remember a ridiculous number of Psychotropic drug names and memorise their mechanism of action. That and I missed one third of the lectures this semester because of a damn timetable clash! But yeah, I did decently. Only a few questions I had to “eenie meenie miney mo”. Oh… and one last thing – don’t do drugs. You’ll die.

PCOL2011 – Pharmacology – Tuesday 24th. ARRGGGGHHH More drugs and drug names and mechanisms of actions and receptors…… soooooooo much content! There were some short answer questions I absolutely ripped through. Others left me like a dog with its tail between its hind legs.  Some were poor enough to not realise that you only had to answer one of the two questions per module (of four modules) and tried to do all of it – noobs. Others were caught writing in reading time and were then demanded to rub it all out – nobody likes a cheater. I love ß-lactam antibiotics!

ANAT2008 (Practical) – Principles of Histology – Wednesday 25th. An hour of looing down a microscope at a section of the body’s tissues and asked to idetify and explain function etc. I got stuck with a dud microscope and when I told the course coordinator (who was supervising) she looks down it and goes “Oh, yeah, your condenser is screwed.”………………..*silence*…………….Me: “Well, are you gonna fix it or do you want me to just sit here and feel like shit for the rest of the hour?”. She obviously had no idea about life so I told her I was moving to a different micrsocope and then I proceeded to shit all over that exam. It was awesome! (except for one thing that we didn’t ever do in class and rightfully so I hear they will remove from the marking).

PHSI2905 – Integrated Physiology A (Advanced) – Thursday 26th. Sam and I met early this morning and went through each topic one by one before this afternoon’s exam. For each topic we discussed what we thought would be the most likely question that they would ask. And guess what? For each of the five modules, of the two options for each, at least one of them was exactly the question/concept that we guessed and ensured we studied for. We took this exam to school!…. and back again! There was a lot of mixed reaction but, I admit some of the multiple choice I just chose “C” or the longest answer, but I saw people walking out of that exam swearing profranities like there was no tomorrow. Rude bastards.

Done and done.

*dusts off hands from the filth that was semester one*


2 responses

  1. Sam

    hahahahahahaha we’re finished!!

    We got all of those questions! LOL that was so good! 😀

    June 26, 2008 at 10:49 pm

  2. Nath

    Nice work guys 😉 congrats on finishing exams!

    June 26, 2008 at 11:08 pm

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